Sinislosion™ is a USA-based animation and games studio founded by Jessie T. and PlagueDocGames around October 2022. Sinislosion's main focus is on creating original works of art that stand out in a field full of uniformity, and to allow all artists, no matter their role, to contribute massively to any project.

  Current Projects include: Memphis Cat: an animated short about a cat getting milk, B⁠-⁠TRON: a top-down shooter game about a military android, Bomb Bunny: a 3D Boomer Shooter focused on physics based weaponry and early 2000s cartoon aesthetics, and Raquet Game Engine: A FOSS SDL2 Based Game Engine written in C99 for use in Sinislosion projects.

Sinislosion is:
Jessie J.T.
Chris S.
Jack S.