Sinislosion™ is a USA-based animation and games studio founded by Jessie T. and PlagueDoc around October 2022. Sinislosion's main focus is on creating original works of art that stand out in a field full of uniformity, and to allow all artists, no matter their role, to contribute massively to any project.

  Current Projects include: Memphis Cat: an animated short about a cat getting milk, B⁠-⁠TRON: a top-down shooter game about a military android, Bomb Bunny: a 3D Boomer Shooter focused on physics based weaponry and early 2000s cartoon aesthetics, and Raquet Game Engine: A FOSS SDL2 Based Game Engine written in C99 for use in Sinislosion projects.

  If you'd like to keep up to date with Sinislosion and its projects, feel free to join our Discord server.